Eclipse Season: Crawl back into bed

Jen Wozny
2 min readNov 22, 2021


(Stock photo credit: Polina Kovaleva via Pexels.)

This is an energy update, for the millions if not billions of us who feel energies. This is for the empaths, the sensitives, the highly sensitive persons, the lightworkers, and the spiritually awakened community that is tapped into the unseen forces all around us.

I wanted to make an honest post about the energies lately, because I know that many of us are feeling it. So here it is:

It’s Dark out there.

We’re in the middle of Eclipse Season and…I kind of hate Eclipse Season. (For precisely why, read my article, “How Occultists Use the [Eclipse] Energy.”)

Eclipses are the most powerful events in all of the ones that happen on a regular basis. They have the power to transform our lives in sudden, significant, huge ways.

That power goes both ways.

Eclipses are *energetic* events. They are energy. Just as we the Light make use of that energy, so too is that energy harvested and manipulated by the Dark Occultists–the ones who have trained in the use of energy, and use it for malevolent purposes.

So, while we’re all leveling up in our lives and moving to higher states of freedom, this is also true: There is a heavy, oily layer of nasty energy hanging over the Earth right now.


It’s the kind of energy that causes empaths to crawl right back into bed.

So, if you find yourself curled up, under a blanket, blinds closed, just waiting for this, too, to pass…you are not alone.

As well, sometimes that is just the right strategy. Go back to bed. Maybe put on a lighthearted movie, read a fun book, play some uplifting music, and just wait for the oil slick to move on. (Or if you’re like me yesterday, put on Metallica and channel all that feeling into something constructive.)

It’s a challenging time to be alive on Earth. The trajectory is positive, but there are highs and lows. Right now, we’re in a low on the outer planes.

I want to reiterate: The trajectory is positive. I have personally worked with the planet’s energy for years–in my waking hours and also while my body slept at night. I know this to be true. So very much heavy lifting has been done. It’s just not a smooth, delightful process.

An energy healing and/or an energy clearing can make this time easier on you. I do all appointments by phone and Skype. You can book a session here.

Let me know how you’re doing.




Jen Wozny

BA, MSc. Holistic Energy Healer and Coach for your soul, emotions, mind, and body. Former Intel. Founder of www.PutTheLightHere.