In 7 minutes, I healed myself. Here’s why you should cultivate your own healing abilities.

Jen Wozny
5 min readOct 10, 2021


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Grey Skies, Grey Mood

The weather here is grey and overcast today, and I noticed that I myself was feeling a little cloudy and low on energy.

Now, I could have tried some of the standard things to feel better. I could have turned on the lights and some music, taken an extra vitamin D3 pill, or smudged my energy field with sage.

But I’m an energy healer, and I know this to be true: Most of our problems come from the world of energy and spirit, they do not begin here in the physical world. And so if we want to heal the entirety of the problem — rather than just manage the symptoms — then we need to connect to the energy levels and work there.

Being an energy healer means that I do work at these levels: I have developed my psychic abilities and learned to connect with the energy of my entire soul and all its history. I can therefore facilitate healing on *all* of me. Not only that, but I can visit the root cause of any issue and heal the problem there.

So I decided to tune in to myself today, and do energy healing to fix whatever was making me feel cloudy and low.

When I Tuned In, Here’s What I Found

Here’s what happened:

When I called on the energy of my soul, I saw that it was tangled up in a spider’s web. The more that I tried to get out of this web, the more tangled I became. Intuitively, I felt like I had been here for a long time.

As well, while I was stuck in the web I had been calling out for help; but no help came. I expanded my awareness to determine why this was so, and I discovered that the spider had put a soundproof barrier around the web. No one could hear my cries, and thus no rescue was coming.

All of this had made me feel tired, hopeless, and drained of energy. The soundproof barrier also made me feel foggy and disconnected from the rest of the world. Hence the way I felt today: cloudy and low energy.

I began to heal the problem: With help from Source and other friends, we got this part of my out of the web and we cleared away the negative effects of having been there.

Soul Retrieval

We also retrieved the energy that I had lost while being there. In energy healing we know that any injury, wound, or trauma causes a piece of our energy to break off. In order to be fully healed, we need to find that energy and bring it back to ourselves. This is called soul retrieval.

My own energy had been lost to two events: first, the spider had deliberately drained some of my energy; and second, the fact that I was struggling for such a long time and feeling alone and hopeless had caused more of my energy to leave me. So we got that back.

Healing the Other

Next, we offered healing energy to the spider. Why do healing on someone who had caused harm in the first place? Well, one, because it’s the right thing to do. But we do this mainly because the reason why this being lashed out in the first place is almost certainly because she herself was wounded.

In today’s healing, when the spider accepted the energy her form changed: No longer was she a spider, but rather a woman. As well, no longer was she trying to attack myself and others, but rather she was sorry for having done that.

In my healings, I don’t like to leave others behind, and so as the captor was healed, so too were the other souls she had held captive. About ten other souls were set free, and I brought them to Source for healing.


Once the work felt complete, I thanked everyone who helped and closed the session.

And now here in my physical life I feel better: The fog and fatigue are gone.

Not bad for seven minutes worth of work.

Spiders, Webs… What Does All That Mean?

If you’re new to psychic messages, then you may be wondering what all of this means. Here’s the basic message: Some part of myself was stuck fighting a battle it couldn’t win. It was tired, and no help was coming. This situation needed to be brought to an end. So that’s what we did.

Was a spider really involved? I don’t know, and it doesn’t necessarily matter. Who was the spider/woman and do I know her in this life? I don’t know, and it doesn’t necessarily matter. Do I know the other souls who were also stuck in that web? Same answer.

We can indeed spend time finding these answers, if doing so feels worthwhile.

The Bigger Picture

This story illustrates why I love being able to do healing on myself, and why more of us need this ability: Whenever something is wrong, we have the power to fix it. Quickly, easily, and at the level where the problem is truly occurring.

Do you have a headache? Tune in and heal the source of the problem. Are you tired? Do the same. Do you have an intuitive sense that something’s just not right? Tune in and see what’s going on. Muscle stiffness, heaviness around you, digestive problems, lack of confidence, emotional overwhelm, ancestral trauma that’s affecting your life right now…. Whatever is going on: Tune in, figure out what’s really going on, and do your best to heal it.

Isn’t that powerful?

I teach all of these skills and more in my online course, Cultivate Your Psychic and Healing Abilities. See here for more details.

You absolutely have the power to do all of this, and I’ll be happy to teach you.

Leave a comment if you have a question or if you have your own healing story to share.

~ Jen



Jen Wozny

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