My shoulder pain was caused by buried emotions. Energy healing fixed it.

Jen Wozny
6 min readJun 11, 2020
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Years of Pain

Over the course of several years, starting in about 2015, I gradually began to notice a discomfort in my right shoulder blade. I hadn’t done anything to injure myself, although I admit to carrying a lot of heavy boxes on a regular basis. There was too much else happening in my life, though, to give attention to my shoulder; it was at the bottom of my priority list.

In late 2016, the pain got worse. At the time, I had been doing hot yoga 3–5 times per week, as well as getting acupuncture on a regular basis. While these treatments should have helped the pain — especially the infrared heaters used in the yoga studio — they didn’t seem to affect it.

By early 2017, I was in so much pain that I couldn’t focus on anything else. Despite not having a budget for it, I booked an emergency appointment at the local massage clinic, and asked to be treated by “the masseuse with the strongest hands.” I needed a deep tissue massage, with myofascial release, to get rid of the knot in my shoulder blade.

Managing but not Curing the Pain

The massage helped…a little bit. But like the hot yoga and the acupuncture, it didn’t cure it. I still had significant pain. But I didn’t have the money to keep going for more treatments, especially when I knew that these treatments would not fix the problem but only manage the symptoms.

In 2018, when the shoulder pain flared up again, I went to a chiropractor, and even had several visits. Again, the treatments helped. But they didn’t fix it.

For the next couple of years, I tried to manage the pain on my own. I purchased a soft rubber ball to help do myofascial release. I did my best to massage my own shoulder. I tried to stretch on a regular basis.

Realizing the Root Cause

Then one night in early 2020, I woke up and my shoulder blade was flaring up with pain. Two things were significant about this night. First, I had not done anything physical to cause the flare-up. Second, I am an empath (someone who is sensitive enough to feel energy that is not their own), and on that night there was an intense amount of negative energy flowing through the world. This was partly due to a large event that happened, to which many people were reacting, and partly due to geomagnetic storming. This is when I realized that my shoulder pain had an energetic cause.

What I mean is that the pain was not related to a physical injury. This explains why it did not respond well to physical-level treatments. Body work such as massage, chiropractic adjustments, and even acupuncture are intended to manipulate the physical part of our bodies. To a small extent, they have some power to manipulate the emotional body and energy body; but not in a fundamental manner.

So, my injury flared up when negative energy hit it, and my injury was therefore energetic in nature. Said another way, there was an emotional or even a spiritual cause. In order to treat it successfully, I needed a treatment that affected that level of reality.

I made an appointment with an energy healer.

The Diagnosis

At the time of our appointment, I told the healer what was happening: there was pain in my right shoulder blade and I believed that it had an energetic cause.

He tuned into (or psychically connected with) my shoulder, and this is what he found: layer upon layer of negative energy; each one stacked on top of the other; all located in this same, small spot in my body.

As these energies were released, I typed notes to record what was coming out, as well as the order in which they appeared (see images below).

In summary:

  • It started with my own feelings of grief and betrayal, plus anger.
  • Then the energies of people trying to shame me, to control me, to convince me that I was ugly.
  • Finally, underneath all of that was the energy of a past-life teacher who belittled my abilities, as a further means to keep me small.

A Side Note: Implants

As you can see, the top layer consisted of my own emotions. Below that, however, were energies that others had implanted in my energy body, over the course of several lifetimes.

(If you’re skeptical about energy healing, you can skip this section and go directly to “Living Pain-Free.”)

I’ll explain that latter idea — that “others had implanted” negativity in my body. What does that mean and how does it happen?

What it means is that negative energy from someone else is now living inside of my body. Period. It’s not mine, and yet I have it within me.

How it happens occurs in different ways. Here are two of them:

  • Unintentional: If someone sends bad thoughts to us, then the energy of those thoughts can enter our energy body; if not cleared away in real-time, then that energy can take up residence — and remain there until some point in the future when it is dealt with by an energy worker. This happens all the time, even though we don’t notice it and the sender doesn’t necessarily intend for it to happen. High-level energy workers know that thoughts have power, and the stronger the person who is doing the thinking, the more powerful their thoughts will be.
  • Intentional: If someone is trained in the use of energy, such as in Occultism, witchcraft, magic, Reiki, or Shamanism, then they have the skills to deliberately put a packet of negative energy into the body of another person. This, too, happens all the time. (It is why I educate my clients and students about the dark side of the spiritual world.)

In my case, both of those things happened: some of the stacked energies accumulated simply because powerful people sent bad thoughts to me in other lifetimes; some of those energies were deliberately put there by trained mystics, for the sake of harming and controlling me.

Living Pain-Free

Back to the appointment itself: As soon as the energy healer released each layer of negative energy from my shoulder, I felt the area become lighter and more spacious. I’m sensitive enough to feel this in real-time. Even my own clients report this same phenomenon — they feel the effects of the healing immediately.

By the end of the appointment, my shoulder felt better.

Months have passed, and the pain has never returned.

And I don’t expect it to. Why? Because we released the root cause of that particular pain.

Now, if I do go for more body work — massage, chiropractic adjustments, and acupuncture — then those treatments will be more effective, as they are not trying to work around lifetimes worth of negative energy. The physical-level treatments can focus exclusively on my physical body. As well, my financial investment in such treatments will bring a greater return.

All because of a one-hour appointment for energy healing.

Energy Healing for You

Do you have physical pains that are not responding to physical treatments? If you’d like to consider energy healing, then please feel welcome to ask questions or contact me.



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