Seasonal Depression: A metaphysical approach to feeling happy when skies are grey

Jen Wozny
6 min readJan 26, 2023


The grey skies and low light of winter impacts our lives, sometimes in debilitating ways. (Photo credit: Sergey Ryzhkov)

When the skies above us are thick with grey cloud cover, it can be really hard for some of us to feel happy and vital. Sometimes, those clear blue skies with warm, golden sunlight just make us come alive. But when those bright summer days are months away, what can we do?

At this time of year, some people fall into what’s known as seasonal depression: Feeling low precisely because of the absence of sunlight, the constant presence of grey, and even the uncomfortably cold temperatures and fact that the Earth’s energies have withdrawn away from us and into her body.

Here is a well-rounded, metaphysical approach to taking your power back from the greyness and greeting each day on your own — uplifted — terms.

The Bottom Line

But first, let’s start with the bottom line:

If any type of depression has taken hold of you, then there is something inside of you that is capable of feeling depressed — whether it’s just at some times of the year or always. So you will need to unpack that and heal it.

Do this with whatever type of therapy resonates with you, whether it’s talk therapy, energy healing, meditation, journalling, or another method.

Metaphysical Tactics

Meditate with Father Sun: If you’re feeling low because you miss Father Sun, then go into meditation and connect him. You can see yourself going out to meet him, saying hello, giving him a big hug, having a conversation, or just hanging out in his presence. You can do this any time, even daily. And he will love to see you.

Through the power of meditation, you can connect directly to his energies and have those energies flow to you in a continuous loop. Remember how big the Sun is compared with the Earth: The Sun has the power to penetrate the clouds. And with the tactics we use in energy healing, you can have those frequencies sent to you any time.

Get an Energy Clearing for Yourself: The thick layer of clouds above us has a presence, and that presence can often feel heavy and oppressive. Getting an energy clearing done for yourself can help. This type of energy work removes any negative energies that are in your energy field, which has two benefits here: It helps you to immediately feel lighter and more expanded; and it also clears away from you any energies that the clouds might be able to connect to. Energy can be magnetic, and if there’s a low-level frequency in your field, then a low-level frequency in the clouds above you can attach to that, amplifying what you feel.

Get an Energy Clearing for Your Home: A great idea to do all throughout the year, but especially when things feel heavy, dense, or low, is to have the energy of your home cleared. Your home — -the walls, floors, and land — -absorbs all of the energies it comes into contact with. This includes the depressed energies that you feel, as well as the negative energies of the world. Conversely, when your home’s energy is clear, it can immediately allow you to feel lighter, more expanded, and happier. At the very least, having this done will remove one of the influences potentially contributing to how you feel.

Go Home: One thing I love about the metaphysical perspective is that it acknowledges that this life is not the only life you’ve lived, and that this planet is not the only one you’ve ever been to. And so, it can be true that your soul comes from a place in the Cosmos that is always filled with warmth and light. In such a place, there doesn’t even exist the idea of a grey, cloudy day. You could be so thoroughly used to receiving light on an uninterrupted basis that life down here on Earth — where the light comes and goes — is hard to adjust to.

If this is the case, then use the power of meditation once again: Go into meditation and connect with your Home. Either go out to visit it, refreshing your so-called batteries; or invite the energies of Home to make their way down to you on Earth, keeping you filled in that way and making your day-to-day life more comfortable. (Please do this type of meditation only if it feels right and safe for you.)

Regular, Physical Tactics

Don’t Look Outside: When the outside world is too depressing to look at, then don’t acknowledge it at all. Close all the blinds in your home and focus only on the interior of your home. Make that interior space as welcoming and uplifting as you want it to be. Turn on all the lights. Play uplifting, fun music. Decorate in bright colours. Play a livestream video all day of sunny places, or find a YouTube video that does the same. Simmer citrus slices in a pot of water to fill the air with a bright, citrusy scent.

Get Out of Biological Darkness: It’s not just in the winter that we have a paucity of sunlight — it’s all year round. Scientists have found that we humans are now living in what is known as “biological darkness”; this is the idea that we are actually designed to take energy from the sun for our health, but we either have no sunlight in our lives, or our indoor spaces are lit with artificial lighting. Counter this with some “light nutrition”: Light your home and office with full-spectrum daylight light bulbs, which have been specifically designed to provide the specific frequencies that the sun usually gives us. These bulbs are typically produced by specialized companies, and each bulb can cost about $20-$30. They’re an investment, so if you can only get one, then put it where you spend most of the day.

Use Light Therapy: Similar to the full-spectrum bulbs, coloured-light therapy can provide us with the wavelengths of energy that the sun usually provides us, and which are missing on gloomy days. Invest either in a therapy light for yourself or find a spa near you that offers treatments.

Eat the Sun: Fill your diet with foods that have soaked up lots of sunlight. These can include fruits grown on trees in tropical areas, such as citrus fruits. A metaphysical tip: As you consume these foods, ask that their store of sunlight unlock itself inside of you and fill you with the sun’s energy. This transfer of energy tends to happen automatically, but the effects are intensified when we form a direct relationship with the foods and hold that intention.

Take Vitamins: I know — you already know this. But I’ll say it just in case: Make sure that you are taking a good share of vitamins that have an uplifting, mood-leveling effect. These include B12, B Complex, C, D3, and iron.

Visit Your Doctor: You want to make sure that there’s no physical health ailment causing or exacerbating the low feelings that you’re experiencing. So, go for a checkup; either to a medical doctor or to a holistic professional such as a naturopath or an iridologist. As an example, some conditions that result in us feeling low include adrenal weakness, a weakness in the endocrine system, lymphatic congestion, and a build-up of toxins in the brain.

Make Plans: If the sunny days are far away, it’s not healthy to just “hang in there” and wait. Give yourself something to look forward to right now — today, tomorrow, this week. You have to live. Find something exciting that you want to do and put it on your calendar. Take a baking class. Go to art classes. Do a scrapbooking project. Take salsa dance lessons. Join a book club. Spend time at the local community center. Donate your time to someone who appreciates it. Plan a dinner party with a fun theme — -like Mexican Fiesta! Or just get puzzles and colouring books and hunker down inside.

Acceptance: Finally, it can really help to accept the inevitable: It’s going to be grey. The more you resist reality, the worse it can feel and the more energy that can drain from us. But once you accept it (and I don’t mean “enjoy it” or even “tolerate it”; just “accept it”), you shift your energy. You turn away from pushing against the grey skies, to thoughts and actions of, “Okay, how can I work with this?”

Wrapping Up

I hope some of these suggestions were helpful for you.

If you’d like to explore the energy-related suggestions, I invite you to check out my offerings:

I wish you a close, two-way, warm relationship with our Father Sun,

~ Jen

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