The final eclipse season of 2021: Are you ready to change your life?

Jen Wozny
2 min readNov 22, 2021


(Stock photo credit: Drew Rae via Pexels.)

November launches the last eclipse season of 2021. We’ve had one so far this year; November and December will bring us the second.

Eclipses are the most profound astrological events out of all that happen regularly. They can really shift the direction that our lives are taking, and create those changes instantly. If we’re headed in a new direction, the eclipses can fully place us on our new path. And if we’re leveling up somehow, then we can wake up the day after the eclipse fully ensconced in the higher level.

So, up until the day of each eclipse, notice what you’re being urged to do, change, or feel.

  • Do you need to step more into your personal power?
  • Are you being drawn to shed an outdated relationship (a person, a job, a situation, a habit)?
  • Do you feel you need to ask for more (more money, more respect, more appreciation, more time to yourself)?

Take the necessary steps to act on the intuition, and be rewarded when the eclipse occurs. If we’ve done right, then there will be no going back to the way things were.

Eclipses come in pairs, so we have:

  • Partial Eclipse of the Moon on November 19 (1:02am to 7:03am EST)
  • Total Eclipse of the Sun on December 4 (12:29am to 4:37am EST)

For more about the energies of eclipse season, read “Solar and Lunar Eclipses: What happens, what it does to us, and how Occultists use the energy

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