This Summer’s Energies: Nightmares, Emotions, and Deep Growth

Jen Wozny
10 min readJul 10, 2018


Current celestial events are contributing to much of the upheaval and transformation that is happening right now. (Photo credit: Jordan Steranka via Unsplash.)

It’s early July and there is a lot going on right now, with more to come over the next five weeks. Generally, many people are reporting upheaval in their lives, negativity and emotional outbursts around them, and bad dreams. I’d like to address this and explain it.

But first,it’s important to acknowledge that it’s not all bad — there is much good in the world, and we should keep our attention on these positive things. Indeed, the trajectory for our planet is upward.

There are therefore two main dynamics at play, and we need to separate them clearly. The first dynamic is what is happening withinpeople; this is the positive aspect. The second dynamic is what is happening on the surfaceof our lives; this is where things are sometimes messy. A third dynamic could also be introduced: that which is happening in the mysticalplanes — the astral level, our subconscious, and the spirit world; this is also a bit messy right now.

Let’s start with the first dynamic.

The First Dynamic: On The Inside

On the inside,many people are experiencing greater-than-ever levels of peace, love, compassion, clarity about who they are, connectedness with their soul, and desire to discover themselves and their true purpose. They are awakening to the potential for a greater, more positive reality. They are wanting to become better, cleaner, kinder humans. And they are adjusting their lives so as to align with what their soul is truly seeking. In doing so, they are changing the world around them — evolving it. This is all positive, and this is part of the upward trajectory. It is not always, however, very visible. We do not tend to see news headlines about people who are happier than ever before and making meaningful changes in their communities. But if we look for it, then we will indeed see the positive trends. They are all around us.

With that in mind, let’s move to the second dynamic.

The Second Dynamic: On The Surface

On the surfaceof our world, much is happening that is negative or painful or chaotic: wars (be they formal or informal); natural disasters; masses of people left homeless; masses of people struggling for a variety of reasons; death; upheaval in the realm of politics and governance; protests; and much more. This dynamic has been going on for several years, so it is hardly news; yet the update is that the trend will continue and even intensify over the next five weeks or so.


Because of what is happening astrologically, and how such events affect us down here on Earth.

The Astrology


Back in June, we had Solstice. It was the point of maximum disparity between the energies of daylight and darkness. After the moment of Solstice, these two energies began to shift back towards a point of balance. Solstice carries with it an opportunity for personal and planetary transformation, because using the energies deliberately can help a person to let go of anything that anchors them to a lower reality. It is also, if you are a lightworker, a time when much light is delivered to our planet. As I’ve said before,when light arrives, it stirs up the darkness, and so there is a period where we need to deal with that which was stirred up and clear it away.


Since Solstice, we now have several planets in retrograde; which means that as they travel through their circular orbit, they are now moving away from Earth rather than towards it. What this means for us is that the energy of these planets is having a different effecton us than it does when the planets are moving direct. The type of effect associated with retrograde energy is essentially like pulling away all that covers up what we need to see and deal with. As The Leo Kinghas explained it, imagine a wave washing up onto shore; when the wave is present, you cannot see the sand underneath. But when the wave pulls away, all of the shells and detritus on the beach are revealed. Retrograde energy is like the wave pulling away from shore, revealing what was beneath. We therefore have the potential to see and feel very clearly all that still needs to be dealt with — as well as gifts that are waiting to be acknowledged.

In the negative aspect, anger, immaturity, stress, and more is living at the surface of people. We either have the self-awareness needed to recognize our triggers and deal with them constructively, or we allow such feelings to blow up. As mentioned above, many people are reporting that those around them are engaging in the latter behavior: outbursts and aggression.

Also as mentioned above, it is severalplanets that are in retrograde. Typically, we have one or a few at any given time who are moving away from us. But right now there are five. So that is a lot. But what is also important is which planets are part of this movement, because each planet has its own personality, its own affects on life on Earth. Right now, in retrograde are: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Mars.

Generally speaking, their personalities are associated with the following:

  • Jupiter: higher learning; generosity; tolerance.
  • Saturn: restriction; limitation; karma; life lessons.
  • Neptune: spirituality; receptivity to the subtle and psychic worlds; inspiration; illusion.
  • Pluto: subconscious forces and all that is below the surface; the underworld; purging the depths; endings and beginnings.
  • Mars: war and the military; aggression; passion; drive; determination.

Can you envision the effects that these planets are having on us right now? Not only that, but do you notice the tension between the planets seeking lofty spiritual goals and those that also require us to dig deep into ourselves in order to facilitate that higher evolution?

Can you imagine what these energies might be doing to people who are less able to cope effectively with such tension? Hence the outbursts.


The other and perhaps more important astrological event to be aware of at this time is the fact that it is eclipse season. Between July 12 and August 11, we will experience three eclipses. A partial solar, a total lunar, and a partial solar.

Now, we have eclipse season a few times per year, so this is not momentous. However, eclipses have significant impacts on the energy of planet Earth, and therefore our energy as well. (Personally, as an empath, energy worker, and lightworker, I feel the eclipses more than any other celestial event.)

I will explain what the eclipses do, energetically; and then what is unique about this particular eclipse season.

What The Eclipses Do, Energetically

Overall, eclipses are known as times of endings and new beginnings, and they often bring change to our lives.

There are two types of eclipses: an eclipse of the sun; and an eclipse of the moon. Each has a different effect.


A solar eclipse occurs when the moon comes directly between the sun and the Earth. To say it another way, the moon blocks the sun from affecting us here. We lose, for a moment, all energetic communication between Earth and sun.

In a Total Solar Eclipse, part of the Earth loses its line of sight connection to the sun. (Image source: Business Insider.)

Imagine that the sun is our source of energy and power (which it is). When that energy is blocked, our theoretical energy grids shut down. We lose power. Later, when the block is removed, then power is restored; the grids fire back up again.

Does this make sense?

Can you imagine a cell phone that requires line of sight with a cell tower in order to function? What happens when you’re in a tunnel or surrounded by tall buildings and all line of sight is blocked? You lose coverage. This is what happens when the moon blocks our sun. We lose coverage. And we can feel it.

Here’s another important metaphor for the effects of powering down and then rebooting: If you wanted to install upgrades to your computer, what are you typically required to do?

Power down, and reboot.

So the powering down phase of a solar eclipse can be used for significant benefit: We can deliberately seek to upgrade ourselves and lives during this period of downtime, and ask (our Higher Selves) to take us to a higher level once the power comes back on. If we want to.

And we can ask that this happen for the whole planet as well. Which is what many mystics do — they use the unique energy of a solar eclipse to manipulate the energies of our planet. The downside is that not all such people are benevolent. Skilled, yes. Benevolent, no. And the not-so-benevolent uses of eclipse energy are what contribute to potentially difficult circumstances during eclipse seasons. Therefore, if you are a healer, meditator, or lightworker, then your assistance is appreciated during the season, to hold steady the field of the planet and help to clear away harmful interference.


The other type of eclipse is the lunar eclipse. This occurs when the sun and the moon are perfectly aligned with the Earth in between them, so that the sun shines onto the Earth, and the Earth casts its shadow backward right onto the moon. The moon is therefore eclipsed by this shadow, and is in darkness.

In a Total Lunar Eclipse, the moon is fully inside of the Earth’s shadow, and therefore in darkness. (Image source:

Associated with intuition and the unconscious, the moon without any light at all can allow deep and unconscious things to come to the surface. It can allow deep introspection and examination of ourselves, seeing into places that are easier to reach or sense when we are in total darkness. It can allow us to make changes that are meaningfully transformative, and even to plant seeds of change in the depths of our soul.

What’s Unique About This Particular Eclipse Season?

Two things. First, a typical eclipse season has only two eclipses: a solar and a lunar; one during the new moon and one during the full moon. The season is therefore only two weeks long. Yet this particular season will last twice as long — four weeks. Because we are having three eclipses: partial solar on the new moon (July 12/13); total lunar on the full moon (July 27); and partial solar on the new moon (August 11). We therefore have this eclipse period affecting us for a full month. It is felt for a longer period, actually, since we can begin to feel it days before the first eclipse, and the energy lingers for several days after the final one.

Second, the total lunar eclipse will last longer than it usually does: Total lunar eclipses usually last between several seconds and up to 1 hour 40 minutes, but the one on July 27 will hold steady for 1 hour 43 minutes.

The Third Dynamic: In The Astral And Mystical Realms

With all of the energies affecting us right now, from the Solstice in June to the planets in retrograde to the month-long eclipse season, much is happening in the non-physical world — that is, the world of energy. Yes, people are experiencing the positive effects of awakening, and they are getting much energetic support for this path if it is what they choose. However, I wish to address the other side of the coin: the unpleasant one that is a necessary part of evolution.

As mentioned in “Light Comes In, Dark Comes Up,”in order to integrate more “light,” we need to make space for it — by clearing out the dark. Here, “dark” means anything negative in our reality, such as emotional baggage, our shadow sides, unresolved traumas or issues, fears, etc. All of that gets stirred up — both within us and within our collective consciousness. It also gets stirred up on the astral plane (which is a higher level of reality but one that is not light-filled) and in the higher spirit worlds. Everything gets affected.

It is for this reason that many people are experiencing dreams that are strange, emotional, or veritable nightmares. We may even find ourselves not dreaming but traveling to other realities — many of which are not pleasant. We may be waking up tired, having worked all night to process the darkness.

Depending on whether you are a healer and lightworker, you might even be called out of the body more frequently than usual, as your skills are needed in order to clear away enough of the dark so that the rest of us are not (as) overwhelmed.

The Bottom Line

We are in a period of intensity right now, until mid-August. And yes, life on Earth seems to always be intense these days; there is always something going on, right? But eclipse season, in my experience, is extra impactful.

So there are three things to keep in mind, in order to navigate this period successfully:

1. Know that the trajectory is positive, even if that trajectory is happening mainly on the inside of people and therefore harder to see.

2. Understand the root causes of what’s happening — the celestial events are stirring things up.

3. With all of this in mind, you are empowered now to be proactive and take measures that keep you calm, keep you neutral, keep you healthy and rested, keep you away from areas that are likely to be chaotic and negative, and allow you to emerge from this period even brighter and lighter than how you entered it.

We’re Here To Help

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Wishing you a smooth and peaceful eclipse season. May you always have the Light when you need it.

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